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Completed May 2013

Mark Iverson, owner of the Diversey Rock-N-Bowl, after months of vetting potential solutions for reducing his lighting/energy/maintenance costs, chose QLA’s “Turn-Key Retrofit Program”. “Reusing our existing fixtures, and simply replacing the old bulbs/ballasts with the new technology gave us the biggest ROI value we could find”. QLA’s retrofit consumes 55 to 93% less energy than our old bulbs, while expected to last in excess of 11 to 22 years (depending on the bulb) and producing a 30% increase in light output.

QLA’s “Turn-Key Retrofit Program” consists of LED bulbs that are American-Made and union electrician installed. “The entire cost of the project was financed, avoiding a large capital expenditure, and has us in a positive cash-flow position immediately, even while we’re satisfying the note. We’re very pleased with the lights. Our center looks more inviting on the inside, while providing for better security on the outside. I highly recommend all my counterparts investigate how advantages this could be for them” said Iverson.

SAVINGS: Annual energy & maintenance costs decreased by $33,000.00. 15% reduction of AC run-time.

COSTS – INCENTIVES – ROI: 82% of the total project cost recouped in first year, including ComEd rebate incentive monies and tax incentives. ROI at 1.4 years.

MAINTENANCE COSTS: All but eliminated… Plus the LED’s are more vibration/vandal-resistant than conventional bulbs

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